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Road Tripping - Ekundayo Rises

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October 14th, 2012

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11:53 pm - Road Tripping
I have been merrily crusing across country by myself to pick up some heirloom china from my stepmom. I have been trying not to drive too long on any one day - 9 hours on average, but the days are stretching longer than planned. I am also shopping a bit more than intended, probably because I'm a bit stressed out still from my long project in CA that I just rolled off of. I'm trying to take it easy. I'm still very tired and focusing on being safe on the road. I picked up some presents for my nieces and for Dad and Ellen. It was fun spending time with the kids. They are very cute. Ashley is a sad and bitter little girl. I talked to Ellen about it and she is going to make an effort to help bridge the gap with her. I'm going to reach out to her from Az also. Hopefully that will help her enough. She's a very sweet person. It's hard to see a future laying out dark before a child and want to help but feel so helpless due to circumstances.

I also got to spend some time with my friends Keri and Emily in Texas. Its funny how close you can be with people you rarely ever get to see in person. Only twice now in over twenty years. But happily with facebook and texting and email we manage to stay close now that we managed to reconnect after high school. It only took 20 years to do so. They are my closest friends now. I can tell them anything without judgement and likewise. And our other friend, Heike, in Germany too. I wish she lived close enough to see in person. Our next planned get together is Arizona in 2013! Woot!

Two more days til I will be home. Hopefully I can be home for a good long while. I am very tired. Then I think I need to work on being more consistent at home with regular maintenance and kid stuff. And Robert and I need to work on being more consistent in our relationship. We all have a tough time with consistency. And then we all get grumpy.

No grumpies!!!

I am very much looking forward to more time with my pets too. Penny and Caspar especially! I miss my fur babies! The kitties too, although they need me less. The girls miss me but the boys are pretty independent.

And I need to work on my health a bit.

So much to do! I am tired of being away from home and focusing on everything BUT house, home, family, me, pets....

My job needs to give me a break for a bit. It's been crushing. Time for a breather.


Wish me luck!



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