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Hiya Everybody! - Ekundayo Rises

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June 23rd, 2007

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06:09 pm - Hiya Everybody!
Still in training. Still stuffing my head with info until it feels like it might explode. Latest exploits:

- dancing with the most beautiful cowboy I think I've ever seen at Billy Bob's .. the bar we've been going to on Thursday nights. I might just have to switch to listening to country music, because THOSE boys can DANCE!! I had just learned to two step and this cowboy, whose name is Wes, was twirling me all over the floor, spinning me every which way. He made it so easy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk with him much, because his jaw is wired shut from being kicked in the mouth by a bull at the rodeo. Ow. ... He had blue eyes and blue jeaaaannnnsss... (remember that song?) I wish he lived in Az. He is seriously hot hot hot.

- Eating lots of good culturally specific food.. Beni Hana's (japanese), Ali Baba's (mediterranean), and drinking a lot of alcohol. Hanging out back by the pool til all hours schmoozing with my friends, acting like kindergarteners with Rob, who can match me goofiness for goofiness.. LOL. He also dances with me at Billy Bob's, which is gratifying. I love dancing.. I've really missed it. Hard to not have friends who like to go dance.

I also rediscovered Old Navy. I was delighted to discover that for the first time ever, everything I tried on fit. If shopping was always like that, I wouldn't hate it so much!

Today is Julie's birthday and we're going to see Shrek. We were going to go to a baseball game, but both of us have migraines and the sun is more than we can bear.

Then I just need to finish up my laundry, repack, and get back on a plane tomorrow morning.

Happy solstice to those of you who celebrate it.

Happy happy sunshine! I LOVE IT!



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Date:June 24th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
So glad that everything is going well for you. Sorry I won't be able to see you tomorrow ... :( Also sorry that I have a sick baby! Sigh. Just one of those things that happens with kids, I know ... and I'm trying hard not to think of her as "inconveniencing" me ... but ugh.
Date:June 25th, 2007 11:38 pm (UTC)
I'm going to be in Az next week! Scottsdale, actually. It's gonna be hot, or so people tell me. Woo! A week in Arizona! Yay!
Date:June 26th, 2007 08:04 pm (UTC)
OOH!! You gonna be busy?

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