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Oh My G*d!!! - Ekundayo Rises

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June 1st, 2007

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12:18 am - Oh My G*d!!!
I just spent an HOUR on the phone with my company's technical support.

My problem is SIMPLE. I installed a new VPN client to dial into my company's SAP network (so I can be ready for SAP training). This overwrote my EXISTING VPN client, which I use to dial into my company's regular network.

Now my regularly used VPN client doesn't work.

I obviously need to reinstall my VPN client.

Somehow.. someway, I was completely unable to resolve this problem with my IT support in INDIA. This is my second call about the problem. The first call resulted in them sending replacement profile files. (My profile files are fine, but I reinstalled them anyway.)

I don't need profile files. I need a new application execution file.

What did this second person tell me to do? She sent me profile files and asked me to install them again.

Ok.. I get that she's first line support. I get that she is running from a script. Both people actually went and talked to 2nd tier support. They came back and didn't do anything more helpful.


She dispatched the call to local IT support. I don't even know if local IT support works on Fridays. Even if they do, and even if they could fit me in tomorrow, I really don't have the time to go drive in to the office (I don't even really know where it is.. it's moved since the last time I was there (farther away)). We're talking a MINIMUM of 3 hours to go into the office to get the files I need installed. Time to email them to me and me to install myself? Five minutes.


What a huge waste of time our tech support is.


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