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And so.. And so... - Ekundayo Rises

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May 2nd, 2007

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09:25 pm - And so.. And so...
And so, I got some new sunglasses today. They were dyed as dark as they can make them without the color morphing. Apparently they can only die green so green before it turns red. Does that sound weird to anyone but me? I was hoping to have them a little darker, but they'll do. They're pretty spiffy. I like them much better than the ancient ones I had been using. I also have a light blue pair, but I need the really dark ones for especially bright days (and reflection off sand, snow, and ocean) and for migraine days. I also got new lenses for my regular glasses, which after a year and a half of hard use were pretty scratched up. I CAN SEE!!! It's a wonderful thing. Eyeballs are still healthy. They have this one thing they can do now where they take a digital image of the back of your eye. So, I got one to use as a baseline. Its good to have when you're diabetic, so if your eye starts to deterioriate, you can catch it early. Mine looks spiffy. Although in one eye I have two arteries that are wound around each other like devoted lovers. He said that's not a problem unless I get hardened arteries, at which point they'll start to constrict each other. Guess I should watch my cholesterol, eh?

I also made the big payment I had planned on my car as I turn it over from a lease to a purchase. (Ow.) And I ordered my new handicap placard for my car (Julie accidentally threw it out when she was cleaning my car out as a b-day present for me back in March.. OOops). I'm trying to order a new cane.. a spiffy fold up travel model.. but having purchasing difficulties. Ah well. Tomorrow is another shopping day. And having trouble lining up a place to stay when I visit my folks in St. Louis. I think I'll end up staying with them. So, anyway, a pretty productive day.

Shortly I need to go over to the wildlife refuge and let the dogs out. Then I'll be going out back and lighting the chiminea and starting to work. It's going to be an all nighter. I have a ton of work to do.



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