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October 20th, 2012

07:03 pm - Home Sweet Home
I'm mostly caught up to myself now.. merrily making dinners, packing, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, taking care of pets, parenting, doing all that stuff that I do when I'm home.. it's awesome. I'm still pretty tired, but at least I'm home.

It took two rounds of shampoo to get my horse clean, but he's now silvery and shiny again - all but his face. We'll have to work on that through several sessions. Penny is getting walked a few days a week and is getting used to the gentle leader. It really helps wear her out, which is good for the rest of us. Her 7 months of puppy hyjinks are really something! She is still in teething mode. But after a walk she passes out, and we all get a bit of peace.

I'm dieting hard and have lost 1 pound of my first goal of 18 so far. I just have to keep the kids out of my stash of healthy food - especially Mikayla. Whatever I eat is what she wants.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Anthony's birthday. I wonder if he will hear from his Mom. She's only see them twice this year. They have noticed, of course. It's harder on Anthony than Mikayla. I hope for his sake that he hears something.. gets a least a card or a phone call or text or something.

So nice to be back home!



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October 14th, 2012

11:53 pm - Road Tripping
I have been merrily crusing across country by myself to pick up some heirloom china from my stepmom. I have been trying not to drive too long on any one day - 9 hours on average, but the days are stretching longer than planned. I am also shopping a bit more than intended, probably because I'm a bit stressed out still from my long project in CA that I just rolled off of. I'm trying to take it easy. I'm still very tired and focusing on being safe on the road. I picked up some presents for my nieces and for Dad and Ellen. It was fun spending time with the kids. They are very cute. Ashley is a sad and bitter little girl. I talked to Ellen about it and she is going to make an effort to help bridge the gap with her. I'm going to reach out to her from Az also. Hopefully that will help her enough. She's a very sweet person. It's hard to see a future laying out dark before a child and want to help but feel so helpless due to circumstances.

I also got to spend some time with my friends Keri and Emily in Texas. Its funny how close you can be with people you rarely ever get to see in person. Only twice now in over twenty years. But happily with facebook and texting and email we manage to stay close now that we managed to reconnect after high school. It only took 20 years to do so. They are my closest friends now. I can tell them anything without judgement and likewise. And our other friend, Heike, in Germany too. I wish she lived close enough to see in person. Our next planned get together is Arizona in 2013! Woot!

Two more days til I will be home. Hopefully I can be home for a good long while. I am very tired. Then I think I need to work on being more consistent at home with regular maintenance and kid stuff. And Robert and I need to work on being more consistent in our relationship. We all have a tough time with consistency. And then we all get grumpy.

No grumpies!!!

I am very much looking forward to more time with my pets too. Penny and Caspar especially! I miss my fur babies! The kitties too, although they need me less. The girls miss me but the boys are pretty independent.

And I need to work on my health a bit.

So much to do! I am tired of being away from home and focusing on everything BUT house, home, family, me, pets....

My job needs to give me a break for a bit. It's been crushing. Time for a breather.


Wish me luck!



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October 2nd, 2012

11:37 pm - Still Nattering On...
Just when you thought the world was safe from my blogging forever, I'm back.. lol... I married Robert. Our kids are now almost 13 and almost 16 and pretty wonderful and kids go. Bailey passed away in 2010, which still makes me very sad. It was just past her 10th birthday and she was old and it was her time, but I miss her very much. I have a new puppy to love on named Penny. She is a brindle mastiff and quite a cutie pie. She is just 6 months old now and quite a charmer.

I rolled off the Navy project in April after 4.5 years and started started work on an at-risk SAP implementation in California as the data migration lead. This was unusual for me. It was quite chaotic. But somehow, despite all the crap thrown around, it was an unmitigated success. However, I am really hoping that my next project can be something boring and done from my house for years. I am tired. I need a break.

Furthermore, I really miss my husband and family, my pets... I want to spend time with my dogs and cats and horse... I want to spend more time sleeping and less time traveling.

I'm ready for a break.

Otherwise though everything is spiffy. I am still not sure what is wrong with me but there is some thought that it may be something called mitochondrial disease. It's not curable or even really treatable.. so I'm just trying to follow the recommendations and see if it improves anything. Actually, it does seem to.. so I think this might be the ticket. Not sure what that gets me though.. except a name.

Anyhoo.. morning will be coming too soon, so I'm off.



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December 16th, 2008

10:20 am - Oh My... Long Time...
Wow.. So much has gone on.. time just flies..

Well, once I started hormones my emotions and mental state immediately settled and my desire to transition melted away over 3 months. Apparently it was all related to my estrogen being very high and out of whack with my progesterone. Testosterone therapy (at very low doses) brought me back to myself and resolved a whole host of medical problems. I keep taking it on an ongoing basis. No idea why my estrogen was so wacky, but as long as I'm feeling ok, I don't really care. It also helped me lose weight again. That was also hormone related. I've toyed with my dose quite a lot and it seems like a small amount once a week is sufficient to keep me on track.

I have been working in Annapolis, MD for the past year. I am on contract with the Navy working on a huge implementation. It's an awesome job. I love my work. My team is pretty special too. I wish the work were in Phoenix, but other than that, I couldn't ask for more.

Right now its up for rebid. Not sure if we will win it or not. If not, I will likely go to work on a similar project for the Army in Washington, D.C.

Tasha moved into her own home in April and happy. It's a lovely home around a mile from. She watches Bailey for me while I'm away.

On the romantic front, I met someone pretty wonderful last May. We emailed for 6 weeks and then met. It's been awesome ever since. His name is Robert and he has two lovely kids, Mikayla (12) and Anthony (9). I couldn't be happier.

I have very little free time, of course, due to my travel schedule. I have had to cut back dramatically on time spent with friends. Just keeping up with daily maintenance at home has been very challenging. The best way to contact me is through comments and email.



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July 2nd, 2007

12:39 am - Laaaa ddaa daaa da daaaa
Ok.. Just watched Music and Lyrics and the song melody is running nonstop through my brain.

Had a fabulous day. Went roller skating with my bff and had a fabulous time. She got some pretty nice compliments about me from a guy she knew who was there. That was nice (grin).

Losing lotsa weight. Not complaining about that either. Down one size so far. No desire to eat in sight, so I should be good for a while. We'll see.

Had a lot of epiphanies about the empathy dilemma. No real meaningful breakthroughs on how to gain control over it.. just some insights into how it works and why it's so strong now. I really wish they had empath classes. Having to figure it all out by myself sucks ass. I guess as long as I can prevent myself from doing something embarrassing and unprofessional I'm doing ok.

I do have a sinking feeling though that two really strong connections in 3 years might mean that it's jumped up to a new level. If so, then I really need to figure out how to manage it, because seriously... I was *this* close to doing something *REALLY* embarrassing.. AT WORK. And I'm getting deeper faster than ever.. AND getting other info too.. like images in my head and knowing when the person is waking or sleeping. Shielding makes my head hurt and makes me feel like I'm vibrating really hard. That was much worse than just rolling with it.

Anyways.. it was all kind of disturbing in a scratching poison ivy kind of way. Felt so good, but was sooooooooo bad.

I'm tan, happy, and glad to be home for the moment. So, that brings us pretty much up to date.

Now I'm gonna go get some sleep. So nice to sleep. I missed it so.

Lotsa love to my peeps!


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June 26th, 2007

11:25 pm - Ooh.. and..
I hope you enjoy my horoscope as much as I did...

"Your own emotions can leave you rockin' and reelin'. Where the heck did these feelings come from? Yes, this is discombobulating at first, but you must admit that it's nice to know you can still surprise yourself."


Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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June 23rd, 2007

06:09 pm - Hiya Everybody!
Still in training. Still stuffing my head with info until it feels like it might explode. Latest exploits:

- dancing with the most beautiful cowboy I think I've ever seen at Billy Bob's .. the bar we've been going to on Thursday nights. I might just have to switch to listening to country music, because THOSE boys can DANCE!! I had just learned to two step and this cowboy, whose name is Wes, was twirling me all over the floor, spinning me every which way. He made it so easy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk with him much, because his jaw is wired shut from being kicked in the mouth by a bull at the rodeo. Ow. ... He had blue eyes and blue jeaaaannnnsss... (remember that song?) I wish he lived in Az. He is seriously hot hot hot.

- Eating lots of good culturally specific food.. Beni Hana's (japanese), Ali Baba's (mediterranean), and drinking a lot of alcohol. Hanging out back by the pool til all hours schmoozing with my friends, acting like kindergarteners with Rob, who can match me goofiness for goofiness.. LOL. He also dances with me at Billy Bob's, which is gratifying. I love dancing.. I've really missed it. Hard to not have friends who like to go dance.

I also rediscovered Old Navy. I was delighted to discover that for the first time ever, everything I tried on fit. If shopping was always like that, I wouldn't hate it so much!

Today is Julie's birthday and we're going to see Shrek. We were going to go to a baseball game, but both of us have migraines and the sun is more than we can bear.

Then I just need to finish up my laundry, repack, and get back on a plane tomorrow morning.

Happy solstice to those of you who celebrate it.

Happy happy sunshine! I LOVE IT!



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June 12th, 2007

10:01 am - Training
Well, hm. What to report? Training is going well. Last week was really, really, really (times mobius) boring. This week is awesome. That's good, because I really need to learn more in a week than was provided last week if I don't want to crash and burn when I get to a client site.

I'm enjoying the material and have made a new girlfriend. She and I are like two peas in a pod. We crack each other up!

I've been exercising and getting to meet my cohorts here. That'll be important later when I'm isolated at client sites and need to reach out to pick someone's brain. It's a lot of people contact for me, and I'm not so used to it after 3 years of telecommuting, so I'm a little worn out at the end of the day.

I hope y'all are doing well. I haven't had time to keep up on posts. I'm hopelessly behind. I'll get back on it some day when I have a little more free time.

Love to my peeps!


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June 5th, 2007

04:28 pm - Workin' Workin' Workin'
I'm workin' my heinie off. Making new friends. Lotsa technical problems totally beyond the class' control. Think we're all a little bored. But, we'll get there. This is definitely good stuff we're learning. Just wish we were learning it with better infrastructure.

Anyhoo, very busy. Miss u guys!



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June 2nd, 2007

12:42 am - Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog your bootie!
So, my deadline is so not happening. I spent 8 hours fixing my VPN client so I could get into my company's network.. which is kind of necessary. Once I realized my deadline was a lost cause, I went to see my horse, Caspar. He looks awesome. I love how he comes up to greet me every time I see him. He's so sweet. And he smells horsey. And that's comforting.

They have a new paint filly at the barn named Lacey. She's beautiful. She was born on Mother's Day. She's HUGE. Most fillies weigh around 80 pounds at birth. She weighed over 100. She looks more like 2 months old than 3 weeks old. She's gonna be one big girl!

I have a ton yet to do. But the night is long. And there's always tomorrow. And Sunday night. Uh.. then I'm really reaching (grin). Giving up on my deadline is kind of freeing. I'm still going to get the work done, but I'm sure its not going to be completed by Sunday. Ah well. You can only do what you can do.

I guess I could always run off and crew on a schooner, right? Nice to have options. (grin)


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June 1st, 2007

10:25 pm - Paradiso Lost
Talking about my vacation is a little hard. Because talking about it.. rehashing it.. it means its over and that's a little hard to swallow. But now I'm getting ready to embark on my next great adventure -- Training in SAP and all that goes with configuring it for a living, and I suppose its time.

St. LouisCollapse )
On to MaineCollapse )
Camden, MaineCollapse )

Mt. BattieCollapse )
The Schooner Mary DayCollapse )

PicturesCollapse )
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

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12:18 am - Oh My G*d!!!
I just spent an HOUR on the phone with my company's technical support.

My problem is SIMPLE. I installed a new VPN client to dial into my company's SAP network (so I can be ready for SAP training). This overwrote my EXISTING VPN client, which I use to dial into my company's regular network.

Now my regularly used VPN client doesn't work.

I obviously need to reinstall my VPN client.

Somehow.. someway, I was completely unable to resolve this problem with my IT support in INDIA. This is my second call about the problem. The first call resulted in them sending replacement profile files. (My profile files are fine, but I reinstalled them anyway.)

I don't need profile files. I need a new application execution file.

What did this second person tell me to do? She sent me profile files and asked me to install them again.

Ok.. I get that she's first line support. I get that she is running from a script. Both people actually went and talked to 2nd tier support. They came back and didn't do anything more helpful.


She dispatched the call to local IT support. I don't even know if local IT support works on Fridays. Even if they do, and even if they could fit me in tomorrow, I really don't have the time to go drive in to the office (I don't even really know where it is.. it's moved since the last time I was there (farther away)). We're talking a MINIMUM of 3 hours to go into the office to get the files I need installed. Time to email them to me and me to install myself? Five minutes.


What a huge waste of time our tech support is.


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May 31st, 2007

05:34 pm - Ok Ok Ok... LOL
I promise to post about my unbelievably awesome vacation before I leave for Texas on Sunday. (grin)

The wait will be worth it. Word.


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May 18th, 2007

11:41 pm - The gloriousness...
The gloriousness that is beign on vacation is slowly sinking in. The giddy happy, happy joy is suffusing my brain. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY!

It has been such a grueling year. I'm really stoked that I get to go play for a whole 10 days. Ten days focused on fun and joy and adventure. This is a story I can tell someone else's grandkids!


I am been busily preparing. Probably forgot everything. Don't care. I'm going to have to check a bag, which is a drag.. but what the heck. Hopefully they won't lose all of my clothing and not find it and get it to me before I get on the boat. Could be smelly. (wrinkles nose)

In any case.. finished one project. It's being tested. I'm still debugging the other one. At least.. I was. I'm not doing it now. Because NOW I'm on vacation. Hehe.

Hope y'all are well and happy. Enjoy the rest of May and I'll give you what updates I can along the way and when I return.

The adventures of Ekundayo, out and unsupervised in the wild wild world. EEK!


Current Mood: jubilantjubilant

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May 14th, 2007

06:22 am - Progress is *GOOD*
Two reports down, 1 to go on one project. Then debugging the other project. Not nearly as much done this weekend as I'd hoped. And, sadly, wasted a TON of time going in circles. I was making it so much harder than I needed to. My brain is tired. I clearly need a break.

However, on the up side, I seem to be much clearer headed this morning. So, maybe I can cruise through the othr one quickly.

I also discovered and fixed a problem with the original report. Oops.


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06:14 am - Daily Love Tarot
The Five of Wands card reversed suggests that the days of competing in the dating game may be over or that the thrill is gone. You could feel momentarily stable, bored or in control. The boundaries may be determined by how you expressed yourself during the time when you were attempting to win your lover or position. As a result, you may not believe the real you is being heard or taken seriously. Make sure avoidance, neglect or the silent treatment do not ensue.


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May 13th, 2007

12:45 pm - In Memoriam: Buddy | 1990 - 2007
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Savage Garden-Crash & Burn

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May 11th, 2007

01:08 am - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Looks like the bell is tolling for Buddy. He's not eating well now and seems to have a lot more pain in his feet. It's so hard to watch him take a step and fall over, roll onto his wing. (Sniff) So, I'm going to call the vet and make an appt to have him euthanized. :-(

I really hate this part.


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May 8th, 2007

06:27 pm - *sigh*
My computer is at the computer hospital. I copied down the files I need so I can work off of this machine (my backup). But I miss it already. It's just been that kind of day. It's gonna be 3 or 4 days until I have it back. Sniff, Sniff. It's having itself a little bit of a freak out. I hate that. Seems inevitable that if you have a computer long enough eventually it'll have a bit of a freak out.

However, I refuse to have a bad day. The sun is shining. The wicked cool windiness from a near-miss storm has passed.

I got to hookah with my bud the other day. And my friend and I are going to hang out and watch Sweet Home Alabama together sometime this week. I need a good chick flick and girlfriend time. I'm just letting all the other stuff go.

Life is too short.



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May 2nd, 2007

09:25 pm - And so.. And so...
And so, I got some new sunglasses today. They were dyed as dark as they can make them without the color morphing. Apparently they can only die green so green before it turns red. Does that sound weird to anyone but me? I was hoping to have them a little darker, but they'll do. They're pretty spiffy. I like them much better than the ancient ones I had been using. I also have a light blue pair, but I need the really dark ones for especially bright days (and reflection off sand, snow, and ocean) and for migraine days. I also got new lenses for my regular glasses, which after a year and a half of hard use were pretty scratched up. I CAN SEE!!! It's a wonderful thing. Eyeballs are still healthy. They have this one thing they can do now where they take a digital image of the back of your eye. So, I got one to use as a baseline. Its good to have when you're diabetic, so if your eye starts to deterioriate, you can catch it early. Mine looks spiffy. Although in one eye I have two arteries that are wound around each other like devoted lovers. He said that's not a problem unless I get hardened arteries, at which point they'll start to constrict each other. Guess I should watch my cholesterol, eh?

I also made the big payment I had planned on my car as I turn it over from a lease to a purchase. (Ow.) And I ordered my new handicap placard for my car (Julie accidentally threw it out when she was cleaning my car out as a b-day present for me back in March.. OOops). I'm trying to order a new cane.. a spiffy fold up travel model.. but having purchasing difficulties. Ah well. Tomorrow is another shopping day. And having trouble lining up a place to stay when I visit my folks in St. Louis. I think I'll end up staying with them. So, anyway, a pretty productive day.

Shortly I need to go over to the wildlife refuge and let the dogs out. Then I'll be going out back and lighting the chiminea and starting to work. It's going to be an all nighter. I have a ton of work to do.



ME <--- Waves at all youse guys

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