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May 1st, 2007

10:08 pm - For those of you who aren't in the know yet...
I am going to Maine! And I get to go on a big ass sailboat! Hee hee! I also start my new SAP Training Boot Camp at the beginning of June. Go me!



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April 30th, 2007

11:09 pm - Temporarily Caught Up
I've temporarily caught up at work. I have a little more to do on one project, but delivered the pages I created and the needed db updates. I'll work on those tomorrow after a full night's sleep. (Be nice to have one.. I've almost forgotten what that's like)

I am waiting on a call from a big kahoona about the SAP Training program. He sent me an email asking for my number today. So, I am tentatively hopeful that this could pan out.

I am on day 3 of a migraine. Vicodin is helping a very little bit. It's not crippling. But it's not great either. And its persistence is eroding my good will.

I feel pretty wrung out from way too much email. Let's hope that tomorrow is all pretty and shiny. I'd really like a mostly stress free day.

And I'm really hoping I can go on this vacation. Pleeeezzzeee.

I suppose either way I will be fine. But I really want to go spend time on a big ass sailboat. Bring a book a day and enjoy being uncontactable. That sounds unbelievably good.



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April 27th, 2007

01:52 pm - Re: LA Times post from yesterday
I wrote the LA Times at readers.rep@latimes.com to give them kudos for such providing such a supportive environment for Christine's transition. They wrote back that they are collecting comments for the newsroom, so I think it would be great if those who felt so inclined could send a supportive email too.


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02:37 am - Speaking of Diversity
I'm thinking about collecting those fish that you see on the back of people's cars.. you know.. darwin fish, and truth fish, and gfelte(sp?) fish, and my personal favorite: pagan fish. I think it would be a nice statement to have one of each swimming on the back of my car.. a whole school of diverse fish swimming along in harmony, making friends....


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02:34 am - The LA Times is a Transgender Friendly Workplace...

Good for her! And good for the LA Times that they are supporting her transition. Another step forward. She's going to be in my prayers, because as a public figure she'll have a big old target on her back for the right wingers to aim at. It's a hard enough position to be in when you're in the private sector.

I was glad to hear it though. The more it becomes commonplace the less room hate has to live. A lot of the comments I read were supportive too. Gives me hope that the world is changing for the better.


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April 24th, 2007

12:22 am - How cool is that?
I was on astro.com and was looking around at horoscope stuff, and I went and looked at the relationship stuff, and I found this under sun in pisces:

"Make a special effort to determine the limits of your partner's personality as well as your own, for with your naturally psychic and empathic talents, you may blend with your partner so much that you lose your grasp on yourself."


Nice to know it's a natal problem. Oh well. Still need to just work it out.


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April 23rd, 2007

07:24 pm - Hot damn!



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April 18th, 2007

12:09 pm - My Next Big Update
So, I've been working hard on a coding project and really just loving it. I've been thinking hard too about my dilemma at work. Thinking about the future. Doing research.

I think I may have decided what I want to do. At least part of it.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from a major university. While a degree is generally helpful in my line of work, really they are looking for Bachelor of Science degrees. So, I've been contemplating going back to school for a B.S. for quite some time. It would also help round out my technology education. Like most self-taught, self-directed folks, my education has focused on my interests and the jobs at hand.

What has been holding me back is 1) the amount of work required and 2) the cost. I pretty much need an online school with a computer technology program. The more flexible the program the better, because my available time varys a lot depending on the contract I'm working on. And if I end up travelling a lot, this becomes even more critical.

I think I've found a really good program. It's only around $3K a semester (most other programs are at least double that) no matter how many classes you take. You have a year to complete each class (you just do it when you have time). And the program includes 8 or 9 industry standard certifications (all included in the tuition). They accept credits from other work and if you already have some of the certifications, that just reduces your class load. I'm checking with some people at work about the school's reputation, but as my company sits on the Board of this school, it's probably fine. It is regionally accredited by 4 institutions and also accredited by the body that accredits online schools. It's pretty exciting.

There are some other classes I'd eventually like to take somewhere too. But, I think this would be a great start and I might be able to finish in 2 or so years. They have a masters in Info Techy Bus Mgmt too. That might be useful for the future.

I am also tentatively thinking about trying to get some books published to subsidize my goals. If I can sell some books, then if my company canned me, I could take a sabbatical, concentrate on my schooling, and then maybe get a job at Microsoft or Google. They have their own internal training programs and I could get a stable, core technical job and have job security. Microsoft, especially, has excellent benefits (including 100% coverage of health care -- even prescriptions!). You can even work the schedule that is most effective for your body's biorhythms and wear whatever you want to work (within reason).

The bad thing, of course, is that Microsoft doesn't have a location in Az. I'd have to move away from my geographic mecca. Might be worth it tho. I don't know. I have some time to think about it. I want to get my degree first.

So, anyway, that is what is going on with me.


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April 5th, 2007

01:54 am - (Sings softly) Baby, Baby Falling in Love.. I'm Falling in Love Again...
Please join me in welcoming my new baby, Valentine.

Valetine is a Red Eared Slider (or RES) aquatic turtle. He's a very curious and hungry fellow.

As I have had turtle envy for several months (since meeting my friends turtles) I decided to resolve my fish overcrowding problem by setting up a turtle tank and moving my largest fish upstairs. I also gave away 2 medium sized fish. And I will probably offer the smaller fish for free on craigslist. (You've probably figured out by now that my Cichlids had babies.) If anyone knows someone who would like some free african cichlids (yellow and brown vertical stripes), by all means, let me know. They are freshwater fish and generally not aggressive if kept with fish at least 2 inches long. (i.e., they will likely eat guppies.)

Anyhoo.. Now is a game:

Where did Valentine's name come from and why did I give it to him?
(Hint: all of my animals have names that are literary or historical)

Valentine's full name is: Valentine Michael Smith.


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April 4th, 2007

05:07 am - Wow. Stress Dream
I dreamed I bought a snake. I can't remember what kind it was in the dream.. some kind of python, I think. In the dream, the second time I handled it, it turned on me lightening fast and bit me twice and it turned out it was poisoned. I had Julie take me to an urgent care near the house and a friend sent his bud over to wrangle the snake, who was loose in the house or on the property. I went back, terrified that it was going to get me again or eat one of the pets and the pets were loose all over the place.. rabbits, doves, chickens, chicks, goslings, dogs, cats, even children were loose all over the place. I was terrified that something was going to get eaten (or had already been eaten). I was trying to get them put away, after checking enclosures, while hoping that I wouldn't be gotten by the snake. Eventually I figured out where the snake was, but tons of animals were in there with it.. people too.. I was trying to get them all out without the snake escaping. Really didn't want the snake anymore. Ew. (Shiver)

I woke to Eragon eating my toes and fingers. He was put out of the room.

Any hope that my next our of sleep won't be similar?


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01:43 am - More on today...
I finished thinking it over and talked to Julie. She's going to stay. We've talked about the things that were my highest priorities (like the dogs not bothering the cats and not ever being able to find anything). At least there are fewer worries, and if we can get past all the aggravating stuff, life can be tranquil once more. I mean.. it's mostly tranquil now.. but well.. whatever.

I resolved a problem I was dealing with today. It was an expensive resolution, but I'm to the point where I'd rather do it right than to gradually over time accumulate what I really want and end up with a lot of waste.

I also have other news... but I'm going to wait and tell you tomorrow (well, it *is* tomorrow.. but it's not for me unless I've been to bed already (grin).


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April 3rd, 2007

01:49 pm - Discombobulated
So, another update is at hand.

1) Not feeling as tired. Using more T, clearing chakras, enhancing shielding and drawing energy, and something in there seems to be working.

2) Had a bad pain night and a bad Bailey morning. She is being very obstinate and noisy. The new regime starts today. It's Tough Love time. I feel bad doing it, but have to. Right now she's sulking.

3) Gonna spend the next few days putting my house and life in order. Doing paperwork, bills, filing, cleaning, etc.

4) Gonna work like mad on my two coding projects.

5) Gonna figure out how to resolve my overstocked fish problem.

6) Gonna work on journaling and metaphysics stuff.

7) Gonna set up a schedule for myself.

8) Gonna do the signs for Desert Cry Wildlife (still haven't finished that)

Work is going to come in and bite my ass. I can feel it. I forwarded an email to my MD and Performance Manager today that I got about a week ago. The email was about the SAP Training program. It said that if you were a submitted trainee prospect and you were facing termination if you couldn't find coverage, to submit your deadline and your name. I haven't had the T word mentioned to me, so I didn't. However, today one of the MDs in the office sent around an email to some of us asking why we didn't have work past May 15. After that, I forwarded the email to my MD and PD to ask if I should add my name. My MD responded that she had already submitted my name, but that I should too. It infuriates me that after 5 years of working there I should be faced with possible termination if I can't find work for myself. It's their job to find work for me. (Baleful glare.)

So, best case, I pick up this new training gig and have to start travelling. I finally got the initial call for prospects and it stipulates that you have to be willing to travel. So.. what if I have to travel? What am I going to do with Bailey and Buddy? I'm starting to get the feeling that Julie isn't moving out anytime soon.

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March 31st, 2007

06:22 pm - Culinary delights...
So my cooking took me in a slightly different direction.. my roasted garlic chicken became roasted garlic and (a slight bit of) curry chicken smothered with potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. It was pretty spectacular. I froze some and put some in the fridge. I also had some of that texas toast and some blue cheese vinagrette salad with baby greens and dessert was a blueberry eggo with bordeaux cherry chocolate ice cream. It has those big chunks of cherry in it. I adore that kind of ice cream. Yum.

I've spent the day reading, watching tv, and playing avatar. I died multiple times. A high level angel eventually came and raised me a level to reward my tenacity. I suspect that sometimes your random rolls are lowered by the system and higher at other times, because my play today was much harder than yesterday, despite being in the same area of the game and playing against the same monsters. It was getting on my nerves.. but after being raised a level, all was forgiven.

K.. back to loafing.


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10:24 am - Double Damn
I decided not to go. I really want to, but the problem is walking. The parking is 5 minutes away (1/4 hour). They have shuttles, but the shuttles stop running at 8, even tho the event goes until midnight. (Who's bright idea was that?) Not only is it a "my legs will be hurting a lot by then" issue, but its also a safety issue. Lit (one of the two bands I really wanted to see) isn't on until 9. Poop. Probably better I save the money anyway. I just haven't seen a concert in ages. I guess that means I need to go see one late this summer or fall. And I can always go to the Tempe Music Festival next year.

S'ok I suppose. I have a lot to do today. I have one of those wonderful dishes to make (roasted garlic chicken today) and training and working and playing.

I'm up to level 13 in Avatar. Go me! :-D

Sides.. with the price of gas so high, I'd best just stay home anyways, right?

Love to my peeps


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12:19 am - Tempe Music Festival
I'm pretty sure I'm doing to the Tempe Music Festival tomorrow. Lit and Everclear are both playing. I love those bands! I'm not sure what songs I know of the others.. but it sounds like a good day. $45 bucks tho. But all day music??? I just might haveta. It's also the art festival on Mill Ave. I might do that first. I dunno. It's a lot of walking. Maybe I'll just bring some books and cop a squat somewhere. I need to do something fun. Sounds like an excellent thing.

I went grocery shopping today. Had a yen for meat and lots of it. I'm gonna make bacon and herb wrapped flat iron steak with roasted mushrooms, onions, carrots, and potatoes; garlic chicken; scallops, catfish and mushrooms (maybe over rice with white wine sauce.. not sure yet); king crab legs and iced shrimp (fingerfood seafood, yum!!); and I also got fixings for guacamole, ice cream for my blueberry eggos (chocolate cherries jubilee), blue cheese vinagrette salad fixings, texas toast, and fruit. Every so often I go through a Betty Crocker phase and have to cook food that tastes good. I mean.. I got some other stuff too.. but this was the stuff most worth mentioning.

I've had a little more energy every day. Today I didn't even take a nap. That is a huge improvement. Mostly I've just cleaned my chakras, reinforced my energy from above and below, and increased T. Whatever is working, I'm grateful for it.

Anyhoo.. enough for now.

Love to my Peepsies


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March 28th, 2007

01:55 pm - Calling All Shameless Attention Whores

1. Leave me a comment saying, "I am shameless attention whore."
2. I'll then respond by asking you up to five questions. You will answer them, because you like talking about yourself.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are my 5 questions from friendlytornado:

1) If you could swap places for one day (like in the movie prelude to a kiss) which of your pets would you pick?

I think I would be pywacket, my all black, medium haired male cat. He hangs out, sleeps and eats a lot, and none of the other animals bother him. He just does his own thing and has this tranquil existance. He ignores that which annoys. Sounds good to me.

2) What kind of old person do you see yourself becoming?

I will probably be that cat lady. Friendly, a confidant to those who make an overture, but a single old lady with a long braid and a no-nonsense, cheerful demeanor.

3) Who was your first friend?

My very first friend was Teresa. She lived across the alley from me when I was 3. We went to school through 3rd grade together, until I moved. Later, when I came back to the states for college, I got back in touch with her. We were friends for a few more years until she became a reborn Christian and didn't want to be friends with me anymore because I am Wiccan. Sad, huh?

4) Favorite cleaning product by smell?

I like lemon cleaning products... like Mr. Clean. Or Pine-Sol lemon.

5) If someone were to offer you a working kegerator, would you take it?

I would only accept a working kegerator if I was then allowed to sell it and buy something more useful. I suppose I might make 1 batch of beer.. just to see if I could make something tasty.. but I'm not a big drinker nor do I have blowout parties, so it would mostly be just more STUFF in the house.

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March 27th, 2007

09:07 pm - White Guys Are Annoying
I cannot tell you how many times a friend has told me years later that such and such (a white guy) had a crush on me. Of course, said white guy never said anything when I was present. Why do they do that? Sure, you risk rejection. But you also risk success. It annoys the holy crap out of me. Just ASK. Black guys will ask. White guys just sit around and wait. Maybe they're hoping I'll ask them out. No idea. No asking, no cookie. I tried it the other way and didn't like the results. I think I'm a pretty approachable person. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

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March 25th, 2007

09:02 pm - I have been very naughty
I haven't been updating like I should. (fetching guilty look) I'm sorry.

Ok.. so.. let's bring you all up to date!

1. Buddy. Remember my bird Buddy who has been having foot problems? I took him to the birdie specialist (as special as you get). The vet is awesome. Highly recommend her. Dr. Frank. Anyhoo.. unfortunately, she couldn't give me good news. Buddy pretty much almost certainly has a tumor which will kill him sometime between now and a few months from now. :-( Apparently it's a common cause of death in older birds. There are other tests she could do to see how big and where (probably kidney or testicular tumor), but they are invasive and require extensive anesthesia. As it wouldn't change anything to know how big or where, I am foregoing the definitive diagnosis. There is nothing they can do. His immune system is too compromised to use steriods to try to reduce the size of the tumor temporarily. So, it's just a matter of providing him supportive care to keep him comfortable until there's nothing else we can do. Once we hit that point, when he can no longer eat or enjoy life, I'll have to euthanize him. He has already lived 2 years longer than average. And he has had a good life. I'll just do the best I can for him. That's really the sad part of having animals. But, I try to remember that they have a good life with me and that I did everything I could. Celebrate their lives. That sort of thing.. try to keep it in perspective.

2. Julie has come back from my Mom's with a new lease on life with dog training. She is working with Duncan every night while Mom works with McDubh. Duncan is already showing improvement after just acouple of days. Yay! I'm working with Bailey too.

3. I am spending too much money! Bad me! No donut! Books, grooming stuff, yadda, yadda. Bad me. Not gobs of money.. but still. I need to reign it in. Too much output these next few months. Still waiting on money from several sources. What is it with everyone dragging their feet? GRRRR!

4. My desk is a huge mess and I have a ton of paperwork on it that I really need to take care of. Sigh.

5. I made the first cut for the training/job gig I am hoping to get. Yay me!

6. My pre-training metaphysical homework is going well. Although I need to drink more water, set stones all around the house (so far I've only done stones by the tub to cleanse my chakras), and I forgot one day of journalling. Training starts tomorrow. Tonite I'm planning to listen to my reading from last year. See what I get from it now that the year has passed. I have figured out a lot of metaphysical stuff in the last year. This year is looking promising too. I'm working through my distress and things are evening out just fine.

7. I've also started writing a book called Empath to Empath. Wish me luck. Do you know.. to my knowledge.. there are no books written for Empaths? Aura readers, yes. Psychometrists, yes. Palm Readers, Tarot Readers, all sorts of divination, YES. Empaths.. nope. Figured it was time to try and fix that.

8. I have another disqualifer for my dating list: If you say you are in love with me before we have even met... you're out.

9. Life is fine.



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March 23rd, 2007

02:06 pm - Which Serenity Character Am I?
Your results:
You are Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
River (Stowaway)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Medicine and physical healing are your game,
but wooing women isn't a strong suit.

Click here to take the Serenity Firefly Personality Test

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March 21st, 2007

09:04 pm - Skipping Forward
I've had too many thing happen since my last substantive update. So, I've made a command decision to skip it and start from tomorrow. There was drama and excitement and learning and stuff. Sorry.. I'm just not equal to putting it all down. I wrote EIGHT pages in my paper journal today and that was just about 3 hours worth of stuff. Tuff. Too bad.

Love to all my peepses.


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